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Parry Batta

Conference Director

Email: parry@kinfos.co.uk

Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues,

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here for quite some time and is successfully being used in banking applications like Fraud Analysis and Customer Risk Scoring but with a limited scope. With such high expectations for the technology in payments and in myriad other industries, what will AI actually mean for consumers and merchants? What types of problems do payments technology companies and financial institutions expect to solve by deploying AI and other similar technologies?

AI and machine learning is quickly becoming a valuable tool for payments companies and financial institutions to reduce fraud in all environments, but particularly in securing e-commerce transactions. Through machine learning algorithms, payments companies can analyze more data in new and innovative ways to identify fraudulent activity. With AI and ML, payments companies can search rapidly and efficiently through this data beyond the standard set of factors like time, velocity and amount.

Through our research we have identified that the Payment Industry is on the cusp of reforms and players are eager to implement AI for efficient payment processing. There are many areas within payment processing where AI has a great potential to succeed.

Therefore, we are proud to organise a global series which focuses on the use of AI in Payments and focuses on not only the pros of AI but also it’s cons and discusses how banks can counter frauds through the use of AI in this unique event, Artificial Intelligence in Payments and Fraud Risk Management Virtual Symposium.

This set of global series will be jointly represented by 50+ leading speakers and it aims to gather about 500+ qualified attendees (mostly from banks, regulators, merchants, corporates and innovative FinTech companies) across 4 shows who are looking to stay ahead of the curve, here we provide you an opportunity of sharing knowledge for 9+hrs at each event.

We invite you to come participate and engage at this virtual symposium.

Warm welcome!

Key Highlights

  • ML-based Anti-Money Laundering
  • Big Data = Big Risk? Monitoring Financial Risk with AI
  • How Increased Threat of Risk and Fraud have made security and Authentication top priorities for payments
  • Fraud & AML Merger – The challenges and how AI can overcome them
  • AI in The Mobile Banking Revolution
  • Streamlining Financial Compliance with AI
  • A Digital Workforce for faster and more secure transactions checks
  • Customer monitoring using AI techniques
  • The conflux of AI and Biometrics to Transform Screening

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