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Save the Date: 19 Jan 2023 | LinkedIn Live & Our Conf Website
Timings: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (CET)

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5th annual Open Banking & SCA Leadership Forum
on 23-24 Feb 2023 | Frankfurt, Germany

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2 dedicated themes

40 Speakers

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Parry Batta

Conference Director

Email: parry@kinfos.co.uk

Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues,

In the burgeoning financial landscape, the fusion of Open Banking with the principles of Customer Experience Transformation has become a linchpin for progress. As Open Banking unfurls its potential, we’re witnessing a simultaneous evolution in how customers interact with and experience these services. This synchrony is setting new benchmarks, pushing for a holistic integration of transparent banking, insurance and unparalleled customer journeys, further solidifying their combined influence on the financial sector.

In this forum, we’ve seamlessly integrated diverse themes ranging from the intricacies of Open Banking, its benefits and challenges, to the evolution of API Banking, implications of PSD3, the future scope of OBIE, and the role of the BNPL Model, the future of Digital Overlay Services and many more, with fintech innovations, and their collective impact on the wider financial ecosystem.

We are proud to announce that this year marks the 6th annual iteration of our forum. Previously known as the Open Banking & Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) forum, we have now embarked on an exciting journey of transformation. With a rebranding effort, we proudly present the Open Banking & Customer Experience Transformation Leadership Forum, reflecting our commitment to encompass not only the dynamics of Open Banking but also the pivotal role of customer experience in shaping the future of financial leadership.”

Our agenda brims with richness as through keynote addresses, engaging panel discussions, and illustrative case studies, we delve deep into the very ethos of our chosen themes. These sessions are meticulously curated to reflect the overarching vision and objectives of the forum, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of the present and a glimpse into the future.

Recognizing the expanding contours of the financial world, we’re proud to announce the inclusion of the insurance sector in our discussions. Furthermore, in our quest to make this forum accessible to a global audience, we are pioneering the live streaming of sessions through our dedicated networking tool (Swapcard) ensuring that you remain connected, engaged, and informed.

As we embark on this enlightening journey, we eagerly anticipate your valuable perspectives, insights, and contributions to shape the narrative. Here’s to two days of inspiration, learning, and forging lasting partnerships. Welcome aboard!

(If you are a FinTech committed to the development of Open Banking & Customer Experience then you may like to extend your support to this initiative as a conference sponsor. Please feel free to write us.)

Kind Regards,


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Event Highlights

  • Journey from Open banking to Open finance
  • Has PSD2 failed to deliver? Lessons learnt
  • Expectation from PSD3
  • Emergence of Decentralized Finance
  • Impact of Digital transformation on Open Banking/ Finance
  • Strong Customer Authentication readiness
  • Impact of Pandemic in exceeding Open Banking
  • Evolution of API Banking
  • Inflation bites: role of Open Data tackling the cost-of-living crisis
  • Financial inclusion
  • ESG Transformation
  • Customer centricity / Frictionless customer journeys
  • Rise of Embedded Finance in B2B commerce
  • Unlocking the benefits of VRP technology
  • Reshaping payment ecosystem with BNPL Model
  • The Future scope of Digital overlay services
  • Instant Payments: biggest blockers to open banking
  • Future of Money, CBDC & Cross-broader Payments
  • Why have more retailers not adopted open banking
  • Most high value PISP transactions are failing, how can this problem be fixed
  • Future of OBIE in the UK
  • Implications of EBA discussion paper
  • Recap on open banking benefits and challenges
  • Examples/success stories for open banking implementations in Europe and around the world
  • 101 – Open banking vs Request to pay vs Faster payments

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