Arivuvel Ramu

Arivuvel Ramu

Arivuvel Ramu is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Tonik, the Philippines’ first purely digital neobank overseeing the Digital Banking IT Organization (Engineering, Technology, Security and Operations Units). He built and launched the first pure-virtual digital bank in SEA Region from the ground up over multi-cloud.

He brings over 18 years of expertise in information technology strategy, enterprise architecture, Innovative agile product development, program management, technology operations, procurement, vendor management, building an agile organization, budgeting, and cybersecurity from the banking and telco industries.

Prior to joining Tonik, he served as IT Director for Capgemini Singapore where he spearheaded a Digital Transformation program for the leading telco in Malaysia.

Further, Ramu worked as a Chief Architect (Deputy Director) for Tagit Singapore where he architected and implemented over two dozen retail and business banking solutions.