Stephen Winyard

Stephen Winyard

Possessing proven over performance for sales of new and disruptive technology such as open banking platforms, age verification applications, identity products, SaaS, premium domains and payments products and ISP services. Built and managed high performing sales and marketing teams of 10 and up and managed the sales and marketing globally for several companies.

Technology skills include: Open Banking platforms, Age and identity apps and services, Premium Domain names and Registry services, ISP services, Capital equipment sales and support, Blockchain, Decentralised Identity, Digital wallets and stablecoin, Location based services, Micro-payments.

Steve has co-founded and exited several businesses in his career, delivering millions in revenue and substantial shareholder returns during that time.

He was co-founder and Sales Director of plc which listed on the London Stock Exchange via an IPO in 1999. At the time of its sale for over $200 Million in March 2000, it had grown from inception to over 450 employees in just 20 months.

In addition, Co-founder and CMO of AVSecure LLC, a main board director and CSO for ICM Registry, and has worked alongside governments, regulators and policy makers across the world.

Also, he has been a Council member and key advisor to the UK Government with the Digital Policy Alliance that meets in the House of Lords in Westminster, frequently.