Vanja Tokic

Vanja Tokic

Vanja is an IT Banking Expert who helps teams in Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) Group across CEE find meaning behind the Agile hype, focusing on improving communication and fostering collaboration between Business and IT and delivering meaningful results to RBI Group.

Vanja currently works in the Advanced Analytics and Intelligence Transformation Tribe as Agile Coach and leads the RBI Group Community for Data Science.

Before this switch, Vanja had a rich 15-year career in RBI Group in various roles, from Software Engineer and Project Manager, to Team Lead and later held Scrum Master and Product Owner roles across multiple business areas. He was one of the frontrunners transforming the way of working and introducing agile at scale in RBI Group.

Vanja holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and is a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner.

In his free time, Vanja enjoys scuba diving, snowboarding and travelling the world.