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Save the Date: 26 April 2023 | LinkedIn Live & Our Conf Website
Timings: 10:00 am – 11:00 am (London Time)

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2nd annual Security Transformation in Financial Services Summit
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Welcome Note

Dear all,

Welcome to the Merchant Payments Transformation Exchange, where we bring together Merchants & Retailers, and selected few leading Banks, and FinTechs to discuss the ways of future-proofing Merchants businesses by transforming the end user payment’s experience.

It’s no secret that today’s digital customers expect their payments experience to be seamless, convenient, and secure. They value speed, ease of use, and flexibility in how they can make payments. Right from initiating a transaction, the convenience and speed of the payment method, the security and trustworthiness of the transaction, and the overall satisfaction creates a lasting impression on the minds of the customer.

We are proud to host this dedicated exchange, aimed at uniting the Industry Leaders to address some pressing challenges, foster collaborative innovation and create conducive environment to prepare the ‘Merchants of Tomorrow’. Our goal is to help merchants and retailers better understand the challenges they face in meeting demands of digital customers, need to upgrading payments journey, mitigating fraud risks, better cash management, customer experiences, and driving customer acquisition value.

This show will allow you to better understand latest strategies and best practices for future proofing merchant payments, including leveraging data analytics, implementing robust security measures, adopting multi-channel payment options, enhancing customer experiences, and driving operational efficiencies.

Through keynote speeches, interactive panel discussions, and latest case studies, we will explore how collaborate approach can create secure and seamless payment experiences for your customers.

We have carefully curated a line-up of industry experts, merchants, and retailers to share their insights and experiences. With a focus on practical solutions and real-world examples, our speakers will offer valuable lessons on how to improve payment processes and navigate the evolving payments landscape.

We are excited to bring this community together and look forward to hearing your perspectives, learning from your experiences, and collaborating with you to drive the future of payments.

This seminar is a unique opportunity for networking and collaboration. Take advantage of the connections you’ll make and engage with fellow attendees, including merchants, retailers, banks, and fintechs. Together, we can foster collaborative innovation and drive meaningful change in the industry.

Prepare to be inspired, informed, and empowered as we embark on a journey of reimagining the payments landscape. We hope you have a remarkable experience and leave with a renewed sense of purpose and possibilities.

(If you are a Bank or a FinTech committed to the advancement of Merchant Payments then you may like to extend your support to this initiative as a conference sponsor. Please feel free to write us.)

Kind Regards,


Event Highlights

  • Customer-Centric Retail: Personalization and Enhancing the Shopping Journey.
  • The Future of Commerce: Merchant payment trends and technologies are transforming the payments landscape.
  • E-commerce Trends: Optimizing online retail’s customer journey amidst the brick and mortar shift.
  • Reducing Friction in the Payments Process: Explore strategies to streamline payments and reduce friction for merchants and customers.
  • Payment Security: Discuss the latest threats to payment security and explore best practices for protecting merchant and customer data.
  • Improving Payment Reconciliation: Improve payment reconciliation, reduce errors, and save time and resources for merchants.
  • Payments and the Customer Experience: Explore how payments impact the customer experience and ways to enhance it with AI, IoT, and AR/VR for seamless and convenient payments.
  • The Rise of Mobile Payments: Discuss latest mobile payment developments and how merchants can leverage them to improve payment processes.
  • Impact of AI, RPA, Blockchain on Payments: Exploring their transformative effects and implications for merchants.
  • Emerging Payment Technologies: Examine the influence such as biometric enable payment checkouts and Real-Time Payments at P.O.S.
  • Optimizing Payment Acceptance: Explore strategies for optimizing payment acceptance, such as multiple payment options & reducing transaction fees.
  • Overcoming Payment Challenges: Explore payment challenges for merchants like fraud & chargebacks and strategies to address them.
  • Other Retail Innovation: Disruptive Technologies and Business Models Shaping the Industry.

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