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Parry Batta

Conference Director

Email: parry@kinfos.co.uk

Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues,

Open Banking and Instant Payments are a match made in heaven. They are an integral and well established part in the banking landscape. Open Banking and Instant payments have proved to be a powerful combination, fostering payments innovation and contributing to widespread disruption of the banking and payments marketplace.

Open banking provides third-party financial service providers open access to consumer banking, transaction, and other financial data from banks and non-bank financial institutions through the use of APIs whereas Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) has already been introduced in EU to reduce fraud and make those online transactions more secure. Although we are already pass the set PSD2 deadline but it’s still far from full enforcement. Soft decline staged approaches have been introduced by many different national competent authorities in order to allow for a transition phase before the full PSD2 2021 enforcement.

Instant payments initiatives was initially centred around domestic retail payments but with raising expectations it has evolved into the Corporate, B2B segment and Cross-Border space. Besides regulations, (such as PSD2) are also driving more momentum and adding new business models.

We are therefore merging two of our leading shows – 4th annual Open banking & SCA Forum and 6th Annual Instant Payments Summit, for a combined virtual summit which will uncover ways on how banks can leverage OB and Instant payments for increasing their revenues, attract new customers, open themselves up to new collaborations to fend off the growing competition.

This unique event will be jointly represented by 35+ leading speakers and it aims to gather about ~300 qualified attendees (mostly from banks, regulators, merchants, corporates and innovative FinTech companies) who are looking to stay ahead of the curve.

We invite you to come participate and engage at this unique virtual symposium.

Warm welcome!

Highlights for Open Banking & SCA:

  • 2020: A year of Digital Transformation in OB.
  • Top challenges to Open Banking and overcoming them.
  • OB bridging gap between banks and consumers.
  • Enforcement Challenges to Open Banking.
  • How is OB more complaint?
  • How innovation in OB presents regulatory risk?

Highlights for OB-SCA | Instant Payments Summit

  • What is the role of technology – cloud, APIs, ISO 20022, instant payments – in delivering these benefits?
  • How FI’s can monetize from the convergence of instant payments with open banking?
  • How instant payments and PSD2 could pave the way to PSD3?
  • What role two-factor authentication plays in instant payments?

Highlights for Instant Payment and Request to Pay Summit

  • Insights on the current state of play in PAN European Payments
  • The role of technology in unlocking the potential of IP and R2P
  • Updates on the European Payments Initiative (EPI)
  • Current payments landscape in Nordics
  • The role of regulatory bodies and regulatory updates
  • Will R2P boost the appetite for IP?
  • Changing Payments landscape and the Euro system’s approach to it
  • Why interoperability is key to IP?
  • Updates on SEPA SCT Inst, RT1, TIPS
  • Need for a harmonized and ubiquitous payments system PAN Europe

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    Aligning Open banking and SCA for harmonised implementation

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