Alex Terpstra

DXB Europe Speaker

Alex Terpstra

Alex Terpstra is a dedicated professional with a focus on enhancing customer and employee experiences. As a member of the management team at ABN AMRO Bank N.V., specifically in Customer Care & Operations, he takes the lead in driving initiatives and improving overall satisfaction.

With a background in entrepreneurship and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Alex strives to exceed expectations and continuously learn from others. His determined and resilient nature, coupled with a touch of self-criticism and humor, allows him to successfully achieve his goals.

Alex is responsible for effectively managing customer and employee signals, ensuring their efficient handling from a central location. Through data analysis, he implements sustainable improvements aimed at enhancing customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Alex has achieved notable successes, such as introducing enhanced features in mobile banking, the Tikkie payment app, and attaining the highest Employee Engagement within the Retail bank.