Joop Vahl

Joop Vahl

Working as Chief Product Owner a.i. and senior Product Manager for the Tribe Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics, leading one of its flagship products, Domino.

I am a financial professional with over 18 years of experience in banking. Usually regarded as a subject matter expert with a passion for change, operational excellence and continuous improvement.

A pragmatic, goal-oriented, and positive personality who knows how to create a vision and take it forward. I am capable of operationalizing this vision to bring the organization and the product where they want to be. I tend to hold a long term perspective with a thorough crisis management approach

Made the step from a core banking background towards Innovation, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, following my personal growth into change management and Lean (six sigma) driven process improvements. To me there lies a unique opportunity to create value from the overlap between business knowledge and tech affinity.