Stanislav Turchenko

Stanislav Turchenko

Stanislav Turchenko is a risk manager with 16 years of experience and focused on integration between Risks, Business and IT. He is inspired by data science and modeling, innovations and digitization to bring excellence to business and customers.

Stanislav has worked on managerial positions for 10 years in 3 countries: both as a banker and IT delivery manager. He has a very good understanding of the banking market in Nordic countries due to his working experience in Swedbank and long onsite business activities in Stockholm.

Currently Stanislav works as a Group Head of Risk management (B-1) for Sberbank Europe Group located in Austria, implementing retail risk strategies and policies, ensuring efficient steering and controlling, and launching new innovative digital services.

Professional experience: Banking, Risk management, Retail business, IT, Data science, Digitalization.