Yann Domenech

DXB Europe Speaker 2023

Yann Domenech

Yann Domenech is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in leading digital transformations and driving innovation in various industries. As the Head of Digital Solutions and Innovation at AXA Partners, he plays a pivotal role in capitalizing on the widespread influence of digital technology and leveraging it as a robust business opportunity.

Yann excels in identifying key market trends and technological advancements, interpreting their implications, and formulating strategies to navigate the evolving landscape. He possesses a remarkable ability to connect organizational dots both within and outside his corporation, fostering collaboration and synergy to ensure successful implementation.

Currently based in the Paris region, France, Yann has been instrumental in spearheading AXA Partners’ digital initiatives within the Credit & Lifestyle Protection business line, which boasts an impressive annual Gross Written Premium (GWP) exceeding €1.3 billion. His international team works tirelessly to conceptualize and develop innovative, flexible solutions for global partners such as banks and retailers. These solutions aim to enhance the marketing, sales, and service of insurance products, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and embedding insurance seamlessly into everyday life.