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Parry Batta

Conference Director

Email: parry@kinfos.co.uk

Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues,

The rise of the open banking movement has lead to a much larger momentum in open finance. Open finance and access to alternative data can lead to enriched customer experiences, spur innovation, improve efficiencies, increase overall demand.

Especially for the banking industry, open finance levels the playing field. It will allow all entities to participate in the ecosystem offering better products and services for new age customers, attract more deposits, attract more lenders, as well as make customers less risky.

If open finance continues to accelerate, it has the potential to transform the global financial services ecosystem, reinvent future banking, and increase pressure on incumbents.

Kinfos Events is proud to organise the first dedicated Open Banking to Open Finance Summit for the MENA region. We welcome you to come and join us here to engage at this ‘one of a kind’ show to obtain latest insights, connect with industry peers as well as potentially engage here to strongly position your brand across the stage as industry front-runners.

This event provides a perfect platform to obtain updates on how Open Banking will lead to the transformation in the banking and financial sector, address some of the common challenges, implementation strategies, industry use cases, lessons and much more.

A very welcome at this inaugural edition of OB to OF Summit.

20+ Speakers

7+ Hours of knowledge sharing

150+ Senior Executives

One-to-One Networking

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Past Speakers New York

Event Highlights

  • What are the trends in Open Banking & Open Finance?
  • Challenges to Open Banking Adoption
  • How Banks & FinTechs are competing through collaboration & partnerships?
  • What is the future of Open Banking in EMEA?
  • How the global pandemic has accelerated Open Banking?
  • Opportunities available through Open Banking & APIs in EMEA.
  • Know the current state of play in Open Banking in the EMEA region
  • How Open Banking To Open Finance is the path to fair finance?
  • Gain in-depth guidance from expert speakers on fine-tuning your open banking journey and the industry best practices.
  • Visualize your API journey, roadmap to banking excellence
  • Gather practical perspectives from many real-world use-cases shared by the market’s top players, including early adopters and leaders from across the region.
  • What have been the main challenges in meeting the Regulatory Technical Standards?
  • Know what are the Shortcomings of Typical Approaches to the adoption of Open Banking
  • How Open Finance is revolutionizing through Open Banking?
  • How Open banking raises the potential for both promising gains and grave risks to consumers
  • Know how open Finance will reshape relationship between banks & their customers?
  • What are the challenges to Open Finance adoption in the region?

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This year agenda is undergoing changes and would be updated soon. In the meantime you may like to view our previous agenda

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