VIP Table

Open Banking & CX Leadership Forum

About VIP Table

The “VIP Table” offers a unique opportunity for sponsors to gain exclusive access to high-profile individuals during a conference. As a sponsor, you will be allocated a dedicated round table with 5 seats inside the conference room. One of your senior representatives will be seated alongside 4 delegates who have agreed for the guaranteed meetings throughout the day. Seating together at the same VIP-Table provides an opportunity for sponsors and delegates to know each other better, creating an environment conducive to building strong relationships and maximizing business potential.

This unique arrangement transcends the traditional sponsorship experience, providing an unparalleled platform for sponsors to delve into discussions, establish lasting relationships, and fully maximize the potential inherent in their sponsorship. The carefully curated seating arrangement ensures that conversations flow seamlessly throughout the day, creating an environment where connections are forged effortlessly.

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