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Parry Batta

Conference Director

Email: parry@kinfos.co.uk

Welcome Note

Dear Colleagues,

There is a paradigm shift towards digital transformation in the banking and financial sector as it presents an unprecedented opportunity to win new customers who are eager to enjoy more of the ease and convenience that are the hallmarks of the digital experience. Several factors — including change of firms and customer behaviour in post-pandemic landscape, the rise of tech-savvy millennials, new competitors from outside the traditional banking, and an increased requisition for transparency- have impelled banks to further invest in rewiring their back-end systems in order to improve data management, analytics, and reporting.

In order to remain competitive and relevant in the world that operates digitally, it has become imperative for today’s Bank to switch from their age-old legacy systems to more robust, efficient and modernised platforms. Most of the leading banks are now investing heavily in digital technologies including AI, Automation, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, Cloud computing that can help create a hospitable environment for growth and opportunity by keeping risk at bay. Despite the regulatory challenges, banks have recognised the importance of digital developments and are working intensively on potential solutions and strategies.

Kinfos Events had identified through its research the importance of ‘Digital Transformation’ as it has emerged as one of the most topical subjects in the financial sector. It is set to transform the banking of the future but there is currently no dedicated banking summit in Nordics region on this potent topic. Therefore, as a part of our DXB series, we are back with our fourth edition of the Digital Transformation in Banking Summit.

The summit aims to help the banking sector to learn about the latest case studies in Nordics, live rollouts, industry best practices and address some of the most common challenges of implementing Digital Transformation from selecting the right digital platforms, managing the cultural shift, minimising their costs of implementation, identifying new partners who can support this transformation journey through collaboration FinTechs.

We invite you to come and engage at this exciting summit.

Warm welcome!

20+ Speakers

10+ Hours of knowledge sharing

200+ Senior Executives

One-to-One Virtual Networking

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Event Highlights

  • Digital transformation: a necessary disruption, a strategic imperative or just another trend
  • Helping banks stay relevant in the ‘new normal’
  • Crypto-currency and blockchain
    • The transformative role of CBDCs and Stablecoins
    • Digital Identity, Customer onboarding and crime prevention
  • Open Banking – the most comprehensive transparency initiative
    • Combination of Open Banking with instant payments
    • Implementing API – a gradual shift from traditional banking to open banking.
  • AI, ML in European Financial Sector
    • Fraud Detection System (FDS)- cope up with external and internal frauds
    • Combining AI and Behavioral intelligence to acquire new clients
  • IoT Powered Digital Transformation
    • Big Data & Digital Transformation – Finding The Right Data Sets
    • Using IoT to maintain a complete risk profile in real time
  • Optimizing Back-end Processes and integrating RPA
    • Using digital labour to achieve complete Straight Through Processing
    • Digitized back-end processes and improving customer experience

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